What is a "Spread"?

Have you ever walked into the grocery store and noticed a jar of jam or jelly that was labeled a "Spread"? The term may sound confusing, but there is actually a simple explanation as to where it comes from.

Simply put, "Spreads" are form of jam or jelly that uses an abundance of 2 types of sugars. This allows for less fruit overall and the end result is a syrupy "spread". These products tend to be a cheap alternative to the traditional Jam or Jelly. They still use pectin, but due to the amount of sugar, the product is unable to form. The products are spreadable in nature and are still able to achieve more of the characteristics found in a Jelly.

Spreads or even "Pour Overs" are products where you can open the jar and pour the product out without even using a spoon. This may be something along the lines of the uses of a Jelly. If you want to control and portion how much you use, naturally, measure your product.

The low cost is also a reflection of the product quality. You get what you pay for and if you really want a better quality product that has the same uses as a Jelly vs a "Spread", get a Jelly.