Jam vs Jelly, What's the Difference?

While Jams and Jellies may seem almost identical, there are very distinct characteristics that differentiate the two. At Zozo's Jams, we do primarily focus on Jams, because of the richness that comes from fruit we use. 

Here are the top 5 differences between Jams and Jellies:

  1. Consistency
    • Jams are made with chopped or mashed fruits so they will have a more chunky or textured consistency. The delectable bits of fruit add to the overall mouthfeel and experience of jam.
    • Jellies are comprised of fruit juices, sugar and pectin, which produce a very smooth texture. The consistency is the same throughout all jelly experiences.
  2. Primary Ingredients
    • The primary makeup for jam is fruit, sugar, and pectin. All of Zozo's Jams utilize additional spices to create a truly unique blend ou won't find anywhere else!
    • Jellies utilize the fruit juices, sugar, and pectin. Be sure to lookout for harsh sugars like high fructose and fructose corn syrups. These kinds of sugars are truly harmful to your body, so always look for clean sugars like cane sugar.
  3. Spreadability
    • Jams effortlessly cling to breads, toasts, or crackers, making it an ideal companion for a variety of dishes. 
    • Jellies can be spread very thin, which allows for the product to go further.It's a perfect choice for anyone who wants only a touch of flavor.
  4. Flavor Profile
    • Jams shine here with bold flavors and enhancing characteristics. Able to turn up the flavor and enjoyability of any dish, spices, fruit, and textures can bring out the complex flavors on anything it's put on.
    • Jellies tend to provide more of the essence of the fruit juices used. When there only needs to be a touch of fruit or a cleaner look, jelly is a great choice. 
  5. Culinary Applicability
    • Jam's robust flavors and chunky texture, it's a versatile ingredient in sweet and savory dishes. It pairs very well with cheeses, glazes for meats, or used in desserts for an extra layer of fruitiness.
    • Jelly's smooth consistency and translucent appearance allow it to be useful for glazes, dessert filling and toppings. It also can dissolve into beverages easily.

While it will come down to preference, both have their uses. But when it comes to having that WOW factor at first taste, Jams will always take the cake. And maybe fill that cake too.